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  Why outsource your Accounting?

  • Save time, stress, and money
  • Get back to doing what you love
  • Get your financials done timely and accurately
  • Let us help grow your business


San Diego's Accounting & Tax Cowboy



"Western Traditions with a Modern Perspective " 

We give you Honest, Accurate, and Affordable customized accounting services. 


About the office

We Specialize in Reconstructive Accounting, going through a Divorce, Bankruptcy, Theft, Embezzlement, Lost/Damaged or just need to double check your books. We serve the entire San Diego Area and Remote services are available,  We will make sure you accounting records are accurate to the penny.  All of our services are customized to your specific needs. We offer FREE on-site and off-site (mobile). Save Time and Money by outsourcing your accounting needs.



  • IncomeTaxes, SalesTax, Payroll Tax
  • Accounting
  • QuickBooks  ProAdvisor ( Accounting ) Training and Software Discounts
  • Business Plans
  • Company Set-up and clean-up
  • Reconstructive Accounting ( Divorce, Theft, Bankruptcy )
  • Re-create your accounting system and records
  • Budgeting
  • HR Consulting
  • Construction Job costing ( Timberline Pros )
  • Payroll




We can work with you to prepare for your difficult situation and save you time and money in legal fees.  We will have your information ready to go and catalogued in a manner that is easy to understand and ready to submit in any proceeding.  We can help you gain a third-party non-bias perspective and potential expert witness testimony if necessary.



Learn more about Western Abacus office and the range of services we offer on the pages that follow.

Our services

From income tax, financial consulting, accounting set up, buisness plans, and Reconstructive accounting, we provide comprehensive and individualized support to meet all of your tax and financial needs.

Our range of services


 With an ever increasing number of people starting their own business, sometimes the important task of keeping the books in order is put to the side until the very last minute, or until it becomes a laborious and daunting task. There are a variety of reasons for this, one of the most common being a reluctance to spend money by contracting out the work. What many small companies don’t realize is that they could actually save money by employing an external company to carry out their book-keeping tasks for them.


Time Effective

Cost Effective

Peace of Mind




Outsourcing your accounting 


Shows good business sense and will give your business every chance of becoming more profitable. Most importantly it will allow you to focus on business development and work safe in the knowledge that an expert is looking after your financial affairs.

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